Giovanni Allevi plays accompanied by an orchestra of strings for an audience of plants and flowers only for the Green Concert occasion, conceived by Ikea to raise awareness among users on eco-sustainability.

The Ikea store’s roof top in Porte di Roma was transformed for a day into a Mediterranean forest and hosted an event of rare exceptional nature. Pianist Giovanni Allevi, accompanied by 12 strings, performed his “Equilibrium” in concert with an unusual parterre: many plants and many flowers, accompanied by a few highly selected humans.

Ikea, which has always been sensitive to the most current issues, launched its Green Festival, created to raise awareness on the importance and respect for the environment with a very specific and very ambitious goal: to reduce the overall impact by 70% by 2030 average of each of its products.

In addition to the present guests, the concert was also listened to remotely in all Ikea online stores and on the brand’s Instagram pages.