CAMPUS by R-Store: didactics and fun for the digitalization of the future.

The brand new R-Store Campus, the innovative reality designed for children and young people, with content that straddles the line between play and educational activities. The aim of Campus is to transmit a true digital competence with a language suitable for users under 12.

Young people, despite being born in the digital age, tend to make a passive use of technology, without the awareness of what electronics can give in terms of creativity, problem solving, development of logic.

The Campus guides them in overcoming this superficial approach, giving skills but above all providing the tools for a logical and deep reasoning, and at the same time raising awareness and stimulating on social and real issues.

The Campus environment itself is engaging and stimulating. Children enter a spaceship-shaped classroom and begin their educational journey. The trainers present them with an issue, giving theoretical information and leaving the young learners free to find a solution. Their role is active, they receive a cue and immediately put it into practice.

A unique didactic, because it does not use pre-set kits, but creates new activities on specific topics, aimed not only to develop logical, cognitive and creative skills, but also to raise awareness of important issues such as sustainability, energy, smart city as well as transferring skills to analyze, experiment and formulate applicable solutions with technology.

The technologies and the use of technological tools have been divided into modules, to give a complete overview to the student, who becomes a real “little inventor” and is led on a path that will lead him to know how to use various technologies in a conscious and creative way.

An object is created and programmed electronically, making use of IPad, Apple programs and apps optimized for use on these devices.

Computer literacy, in fact, is not an objective, but a method that allows to enhance the learning of computer skills, but also of all disciplines and transversal skills and the products and the platform offered by Apple are the basic tools.