Sabrina Persechino, designer and architect, famous for the winning mix of tailoring and innovation, has created an anti-covid garment destined to become a must of our time.

Marie Claire put it in first place in the ranking of couture initiatives in support of the battle against Covid-19.

Sabrina Persechino launches Hut, “the anti-covid trench coat” which, thanks to its structure, allows you to completely isolate yourself from the external environment while keeping social contact alive. The designer and architect collaborated with Giuseppe G. Amaro, the leading expert in public and major event’s safety, to create the smartest coat of the year.

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“I wanted to create a fashionable garment that is also able to protect against the virus, giving a social tranquility that was lost in the Covid era. In fact, in everyday life it may happen that you meet people who do not respect the rules of distancing and protection, and I thought of a solution related to personal clothing.Hut is an elegant and at the same time protective garment, which allows you to move safely away from Covid19 “.

Sabrina Persechino