MA CHE BEL SOL, a name that is also a manifesto of joy and positivity. A limited edition pret à couture collection which, from a simple local project started in Rome, has quickly become a “cult” selectively distributed throughout Italy. Few iconic garments, inspired by the wardrobe of the bon ton girls of the 80s, in which classic was an absolute must, made really modern by the proportions, by the free interpretations in a third millennium key, by the choice of colors and fabrics. A mixture of innocence and elegance, for a modern and dynamic woman who loves to remember the past with irony. First of all the most classic kind of skirts: her majesty the kilt, revisited and made modern (and even sexy) by some simple but ingenious tricks. Another “cult” item are shirts, in silk and cotton, characterized by important collars and voluminous shoulders. The Ma Che Bel Sol collections are born from the work of two young women, Delfina Mingione and Fiamma Andrioli, who have always been friends, who at some point in their lives decided to create their personal business and creative project together.