The Hilton group celebrates Italy and its wonderful locations with a project designed specifically for our country and intended for Italian travelers: Flavors of Italy. A journey through the most iconic places of the beautiful country to discover the food specialties and typical local products, often unknown even to the Italians themselves. One of the regions that hides hidden treasures to be discovered is Sardinia, a land steeped in history and full of cultural influences and one of a kind, still firmly anchored in its roots. A territory rich in excellent raw materials and rich in dream landscapes. This region is famous for its magnificent coasts with the fantastic bays of the Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo, the very long beaches, such as those of Capo Comino with its white sand dunes, and the hidden and solitary coves, such as Cala Capra, at the feet of the characteristic Capo d’Orso. But the true essence of Sardinia is inland, and Flavors of Italy reveals it through two distinctive elements: the well-known and beloved Mirto and the little-known Pompia.


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